Cranium Fitteds now has TWSTD


Our friends at, one of the top online retailers for street wear and accessories now have TWSTD gear in stock and ready to be ordered. They just restocked on all our top sellers from our Spring 2014 Collection like “dumb fuks famous,” “my bitches pop molly” and “fashion is my drug” we only supply them with our best.  Great website and worth checking them out


My Bitches Pop Molly


When mainstream artist like Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J started talking about the drug Molly in their music, everyone wanted to see what all the hype was about. We checked it out and took notes on how big of a hit molly was with the ladies then it hit us. We wanted to show these chicks some love, so we designed the “My bitches pop Molly” shirt for the women that love molly and the men that enjoy them.


Fashion Is Our Drug


It’s amazing how addicted people are to high designer brands like Gucci, Fendi, YSL, and Louis Vuitton. So addicted, that they know more about the brands then they know about our own lives, they’re addicts to these brands so much that its become there drug. We released the “Fashion is my Drug” tee this spring for all our fashion addicts.


Stop Making Dumb Fuks Famous!


Now a days, we have a hand full of celebrities that are famous, and are constantly being praised because of their arrogant and stupid ways.  And we still promote them and keep their careers alive. We’re against making these dumb fuks famous and you can let them know with our “dumb fuks west tee,” check them out on our online shop. This is a series, more dumb fuks to follow.




We just recently released our spring/summer 2014 collection and the Fan Jersey is the newest addition to our line.It seems like everyone’s been doing the jersey thing lately but only TWSTD can do it the right way, we’ve stayed true to the TWSTD brand and now were taking it to a whole new level. We brought out a new badAss bar code logo and put some new dope ideas together like “Pussy Killer” and adding the number 69 just to get the message across. Were changing the t-shirt game and setting new trends for the season, then again, when haven’t we been trendsetters, check out the collection and get TWSTD.



Another Amazing Fall Collection Campaign Shoot…

Tonight was amazing… we are putting together the fall collection of tees and you have no idea… Big thanks, to Tuto, Leah Louise, D’only Jones and Pimpy Pat. You guys nailed it, again…  We will be releasing pics and teasers this week… Stay Tuned



We just received our truckers in snow white, just in time for the pool parties… We will be putting them up, for sale, on the web this week.

They look so dope… Get yours before we run out, these fukers are gonna fly.


Hey Victoria… Fuck Pink

Girls… We got you covered, with this swag crop tee. This tee is available for presale now. It comes in hot pink

and bright yellow. If your sick of the mall rats, and want show em what we all feel, order this limited run tee.

Click Here to get your FUCK PINK tee now….




the Making of a Dope Ass Tee…

Yes… we are back in the lab, designing new t-shirts and getting ready for fall. This is a pic of Dirtyboy, stuffing a cookie cutter with “the sticky icky”… If you loved our I HEART MIAMI, this will pay homage to Miami with a Smokin’ Twist… We will be dropping product soon, get ready… and look for more behind the seams pics too.


#Blog – @TwistedFuks Clothing Is The Definition of DOPE!

Big Props to the crew at SWURVRADIO.COM, thanks for the dope ass write up on our tees.

This is the premium source for all things HIP HOP… Check it…

SWURV make sure to check us out, when your in the 305.